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PinPoint Mobile
  • 32% of consumers prefer to receive coupons via smartphone.
  • 51% of shoppers make a purchase based on a mobile notification.
  • 70% of consumers check their mobile devices for coupons or offers daily.
  • 90% of all sms/text messages get read, compared to 20% of emails.
PinPoint Punch Cards
  • 74% of consumers choose a store based on a strong loyalty program.
  • It costs 5x's more to acquire new customers than keeping current ones.
  • A repeat customer will spend 67% more then a new one.
  • Only 34% of SMB owners have any loyalty program at all.
PinPoint Social Wi-Fi
  • 77% of local business customers spend more time in store if Wi-Fi is available.
  • Up to 83% of consumers have a Wi-Fi capable device in their pocket.
  • 70% of people can’t go without Wi-Fi for more than 1 day.
  • 71% of consumers make a restaurant choice based on Wi-Fi availability.
IOS & Android App Development
PinPoint Apps
  • Users spend 90% of their time in apps compared to the mobile web.
  • The average US consumer spends 198 minutes per day in apps.
  • Provide value to your customers and increase loyalty.
  • App Store Optimization can increase downloads by 300%.
PinPoint GeoFencing
  • 80% of Mobile Users Prefer Locally Relevant Advertising.
  • Only 22% of Businesses Use GeoFencing to Target Customers.
  • Expect a 20% increase in store visits, daily.
  • Waze advertisers see a 53% increase in store traffic.
PinPoint Push
  • Push notifications increase app engagement by 88%.
  • In-App messages can increase conversion rates by 30%.
  • Sending high value notifications can increase app retention by 35%.
  • 80% of consumers expect messages from brands they are loyal to.
PinPoint Beacons
  • Reach up to 93% of all consumers within 300 feet.
  • Beacon messaging can increase sales by 20x, almost immediately.
  • 80% of consumers look at their phone while shopping.
  • 42% of retail companies are already using beacons.